As this year comes to a close…

…my last 6 months in 2020

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That feeling of being mute and numb to everything going on around you is what I felt in the last six months- unable to do certain things that were part of my everyday life. I guess the adverse effects of the events that 2020 began with caught up with me, and I was just unable to get myself to do certain things such as writing- something that is a pure catharsis for me, which is one of the few reasons why I have not posted a thing since July 2020. However, during this period, more than I usually do, I learnt a lot by listening to peoples’ commentaries and opinions, and my conclusion is that most of us are uncertain and unsure of what the future holds and we are gradually accepting the truth that life is not always in black and white- it comes with its nuances.

On a broad level, this is a good thing, as generally, the expectation is that life turns either left or right, so seeing a deviation from this embedded rigid and inflexible way of thinking is good, and this is encouraging. Perhaps it will make us more understanding of each other and less critical of people that do not possess a herd mentality and refuse to go along with popular opinion. Hopefully, it makes us appreciate an individual for who he or she is, and not because the individual agrees with our way of thinking. Hopefully, we are less quick to propagating this ‘cancel’ culture that seems to be ubiquitous and trendy because it is the thing the ‘influencers’ do, and we take a moment to understand the reasoning behind people’s thoughts even if we disagree with them.

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This year, I also appreciated the facts that:

1. Thinking before speaking is so critical. I knew that before now; I have just come to embrace it more.

2. The loudest voices do not always say the most sensible things. Look around for yourself, you will see what I mean. It is about understanding how and why you come to a certain conclusion, void of anyone’s undue influence so that you can speak for yourself even when it means you speak alone.

3. To be grateful for wherever I am in life and whatever I have is important. We all tend to take things for granted sometimes but gratitude does do a lot of good for one’s state of mind. This year was a mixed bag, and to be here now is something I am grateful for.

4. In the worst circumstances, good things can still happen. There are a handful of people that I know that had a terrific year all through and this was purely due to circumstances being in their favour. Others had a terrible start to the year, but it ended on a high for them.

5. I need to stay optimistic. This world is naturally pessimistic but what I choose to focus on in coming months is crucial, as this is what will be my rudder and guiding light in all I do.

No one knows what the new year will bring with it, as we know things are not so predictable anymore. But whatever happens in 2021, I hope you find the strength to navigate your way through everything it brings and that your life is enriched, and that you find some form of fulfilment. May the oddities turn out in your favour. Happy New Year!

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